Ostara Ritual

Ostara Ritual - 13 Moons

Ostara Ritual For Solitary; Easily adapted for Group Ritual by StormWing, ©1996 – 2023

Preparation & Set Up:

This Ritual shall be performed either in the morning, at Dawn, or during the day sometime, or during the early evening hours, just after Sunset. Sweep area, starting in the North and moving deosil, with your magickal broom to cleanse the Circle area and "sweep away" any lingering negative energies. Set up the Quarter candles (North-Green, East-Yellow, South-Red, West-Blue) and/or other items symbolizing the elements at the Four Quarters. Set up your altar as desired, and face it to the North, covering it with a white, light green, lemon yellow or a pale pink altar cloth. For this ceremony, decorate the altar with Springtime flowers of any color (silk are acceptable), along with a Spring basket filled with brightly-colored Pagan Ostara Eggs.

Along with your usual ritual tools and items, have upon the altar:

  • White, Light Green, Lemon Yellow or a Pale Pink Altar Cloth
  • Spring Basket filled with Brightly-colored Pagan Ostara Eggs
  • Spring Flowers (for decoration)
  • A New Plant or a Seed or Seedling to be planted within your cast Circle - you will also need some soil and a pot (as a Spring gift to yourself)
  • Pen and Paper (for writing out your desires for the coming year)
  • Cauldron for Burning the "Seed" Papers in (light each one from the Fire candle)
  • A Bell
  • Ostara Incense - Spring Blend, or Jasmine, Rose, Sage, or Strawberry Sticks

When all is set up, take a shower or bath for purification and don your Ritual Robe or other Ritual attire. Be sure to wear your Magickal jewelry, if you have any. Sit quietly and meditate for a little while - to ground and center. When you feel ready to begin, play some quiet peaceful music for the Ritual.

The Ritual

Cast the Circle... begin the Ostara Sabbat Ceremony by sitting quietly for a few moments, then say these words aloud in dedication:

"Winter's bareness has subsided, from the death of Winter springs new life! Spring is coming to the land. The days grow longer, warm breezes begin to stir... All around me I see signs - The growing things are beginning anew. It is a resurrection of the dance of life - The dance of the stems and stalks As they push forth from the Earth. It is the season of creation. Growth has turned outward. The land has become fertile again. The Earth is caressed by the loving touch of the Mother. Where Her hand passes: Atoms twine together to create growth. Buds burst open, leaves and vines unfurl. She creates a vision of green beauty. Beauty so breath-taking after the dark solitude of Winter. It is this vision that we celebrate on Her day of Ostara. The world recreating itself--- Returning from the death of Winter, Into the new life of Spring Through the love of the Lord and the Lady."

Sit quietly again and reflect on the meaning of the Spring Season for a few moments.

When you are ready, pick up your wand and hold it in your power hand, face the North and with your arms outstretched and say: "The time of change is upon us again - the Equinox comes, the Wheel turns... The Wheel of the Year turns on and on, bringing us all to and from each Season, and from and to another... What will be is. What was will be. All time is here and now in this Sacred Space. I now pause to watch the Wheel turn, and cast this Circle on this blessed day/eve. to celebrate this season of balance known as Ostara, the Vernal Equinox - the time of new birth and new beginnings. In this moment between time, I come to praise the bountiful young Goddess. and Her son-lover, the Great Horned God of renewal. for Their blessings of fertility, warmth and life renewed. I wish to give thanks and feel myself as a part of the relentlessly turning Wheel of Life, Death, and Rebirth."

Pause and reflect for a few moments, then continue, saying:
"O Great God of Strength, New Beginnings, and Fertility, who has been known as Cernunnos, Herne, Pan, the Great Horned God, and the Lord of the Forests - Grant me strength, power, and understanding, throughout this season and always. O Great Goddess of Love, New Beginnings, and Fertility, who has been known as Blodeuwedd, Eostre, Astarte, Aphrodite, and the Maiden Lady of the Moon - Teach me the secrets of the Mysteries and the ways of magick."

Still holding the wand in your power hand, pause and reflect again for a few moments, then say these words: "Behold, the Lord and Lady of life and the giver of life. Without Her Lord, the Goddess is barren. Without His Lady, the God has no life. Each is needful of the other for completion and power, as Sun to Earth, the spear to the cauldron, spirit to flesh, human to human."

Rap the side of the cauldron lightly with the wand, say:
"O Great Goddess, be with me now. in your aspect of the Maiden, the fair one who brings joy and new life."

Ring the bell once and say:
"O Great God of renewal, be with me now. in your aspect of the Lord of the Forests, the Horned God who brings warmth and love."

Rap the cauldron once more with the wand and say:
"May the strength of the old enter into the new. Great Lord and Lady, make all things strong and giving of new life. Blessed be."

Pick up the burning incense and carry it once more around the Circle deosil. Set it back down and say these words: 
"Awake! All creatures in the realm of Earth, awake! Greet the Maiden and Her Lover, who herald the coming of Spring."

At this time, symbolically present yourself with your new Springtime gift - the potted plant (or plant the actual seed or seedling in the soil and then present it to yourself). Say these words: "As this tiny plant/seed/seedling begins its life anew, so do I now begin to manifest my new desires for the coming year."

Pick up your athame and touch its tip to the paper, and say:
"Now I cast behind me the darkness of Winter and the past. I look only to that which lies ahead. This is the time for me to plant seeds in the physical, mental, as well as spiritual realms."

Now write down your desires for the coming year on the slips of paper. Write only one desire on each piece of paper. Fold the papers and hold them up over the altar in offering to the Old Gods. Say these words:  "This is a joyous time, a time for planting. With joy and trust, I place these requests in the hands of the Goddess and Her Lord."

Light the papers afire in the flame of the Fire candle and drop them one by one into the cauldron to manifest as the Gods see fit. As you do so, say: "These thought-seeds I do willingly place into the hands of the Lady and Her Lord, that these desires and dreams may manifest and become reality. By the free will of All, and with harm to none, as I will, so shall it be done."

When you are finished, proceed with the Cakes and Ale Ceremony, followed by Releasing the Circle in your usual manner.

This Completes the Ostara Sabbat Ritual

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