Welcome to 13 Moons

and so we have a Full Moon

Since 1997 we have been serving you the very best in magical products!

We have been joined by many home based crafters to bring you unique products;from robes, wands, candles, ritual kits, incense, herbs from the wild and herb gardens, and much more. Throughout these years we have become intertwined by many wonderful people and places.



Thank you for joining the Growing Circle of 13Moons!

Many Blessings to all ~ Mitakuye Oyasin! (We are all related)
Sandy, Jeff, Corey, Chi, Jeffrey, Rik, Hannah, Mary, Nokomis, Deana and Rhaiza!



In the beginning, we drew a rune symbol on a rock with wishes and desires.

It was cast into the water along with many other elements such as brother wind, sun, moon... and our wishes and desires began to be known to us... and is now 13 Moons. We thank the elements and we thank you for helping us begin a dream and to grow from the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to beautiful Vermont.


Our dreams continue to be fulfilled as you share your dreams with us!