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Pagan Wheel of Year

its conveniance for me, i recommend it

Beautiful bracelet!

I left a review on the Etsy shop & i must say that i love everything I've bought from this shop!! This bracelet caught my 'eye'(😏) & i had to get it. Turns out, its more beautiful in person! Pictures dont do it justice!! The eyes on the beads are not bold but i like that you can see them still. It came packaged well & a beautiful velvet bag. Im in love!!

White Poppet
Tonya Washington
Very Nice well made!

Worked out very well for what I needed I would recommend this product to anyone!

Happy with my purchase

I love everything I purchased! Get quality and shipping was fast. I will definitely purchase again. Blessed be!

Love it!!

I'm not the biggest fan of very floral scents and this one mixes floral with like a woodsy/musky undertone which feels and smells very feminine and powerful (hopefully that makes sense) it lasts the day as well I applied in the morning and could still smell it, a bit less strong but still there in the evening.

Beautiful altar cloth

The handwork on the hem, the lavender wash are wonderful. I know I will love working with this for readings and Ogham casting. Thank you.

Moonstone Tumbled Stone
Shauntae Swinton

Moonstone Tumbled Stone

Patchchouli spray

Just received the product today. Haven’t tried it yet. Very excited to see the results.

My favorite

Please restock this! It’s my absolute favorite and I order at least 4 at a time!

Magnolia Flower - 1 oz.
Christopher Frank

Excellent love it.

this smells absolutely intoxicating

i can see why this has been sold out for quite some time!! i've been keeping my eye on this and checking their website A LOT!!! when this finally got back in stock, i immediately ordered it. this has to be the best smelling thus far.


Shipping was fast and quality of product was great! A+

Witche's Brew Evil Eye Oil

The Witches Brew Evil Eye Oil is FANTASTIC!!!!! It smells so good. You can apply it to small, medium, large candles, wands, papers, arms, and hands. It is important to be clear with your intentions and watch how life gets better! I strongly recommend this product. Thank you 13 Moons for another POWERFUL AWESOME OIL!!!!!!

Love my order of candles. Thanks

Magical Herb Set #2
Kathryn Mionske

The herb set was wonderful addition to my collection

Back to Back Separation Candle Black
Crystal Jackson
Wonderful Place

Buying was easy. Product received unbroken. Had a blast watching the female part of my candle burn faster than the male. Will be buying from again.

Viking Knot of Enlightenment

A beautiful piece.

Dreams & Desires Smudge Stick

Beautiful Owl!!!!!!!🖤🖤🖤

I absolutely love the way the owl looks, so cute!!!!!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Vervain Herb - 1 oz.

Chime Candle White Box
Charmaine Jones

timely ontime n was in locker


So cute and pretty

Smudge stick and amethyst pendent

Absolutely beautiful and I love that rosemary is included with the ceremonial sage, ty so much, blessed be so mote it be

Chime Candle White Box
Kimberly Williams
Chime candle white box

Love the small size. They burn nicely. Good quality and quantity for the price.

Evil Eye Palm Stone
Chris Zarnich

I have someone who can do harm to me. My arms can be written on and have seen 5 star delineated on my arm. She has messed with 2 of my cats as well. The stone has cut down these incidents.