Wand Bag, Royal Blue

Bag Size: 11 inches
Sale price$6.99


Royal Blue Velvet Wand Bag

Hand sewn by pagan crafter, Nokomis. Each is a lush royal blue velveteen to hold and protect your wand or flute. Width of each bag is approximately 2 inches and available in lengths from 11 inches to 22 inches.

Please choose your wand bag size in the drop down menu.

Nokomis makes each bag one at a time, with great care, for your magical tools.

Use for:

  • Magic Wand
  • Healing Wand
  • Chakra Wand
  • Crystal Wand
  • Flute

Customer Reviews

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Laura Mills
☆My Wand Bag☆

My wand bag was just as I wanted it. It is a beautiful shade of royal blue. (Blue for healing) A very silky feely but velvety looky fabric. All the seams are nice and neat. It is plenty big enough to hold my wand. Actually they were out of the smaller size and I was too impatient and got the longer one. I could have waited because this shop restocks almost immediately but as I said, I was impatient. Anyway, I'm more than happy with it and 13 Moons. My favorite shop in all of Etsy!

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