3 inch Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

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Unlock the Mysteries with our Scrying Mirror

Introducing the Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror, your gateway to the mystical realms of the past, present, and future. Crafted with precision and care, this 3 x .25 inch mirror is a must-have for all seekers of divine knowledge, ardent spiritualists, and those on a journey of self-improvement.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the universe? With the Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror, you hold the power to contact spirits and tap into the depths of ancient wisdom. Peer into its glossy surface and let the mystical energy guide you towards hidden truths and profound insights. Whether you seek advice in healing or aspire for self-improvement, this scrying mirror will be your trusted companion.

But that's not all - the Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror is not just limited to divination. It is a versatile tool that can be used for magickal purposes, acting as both a transmitter and receiver of sacred energies. Open the door to the astral plane, embark on shamanic journeys, perform potent rituals, and enhance your visualization skills like never before.

Handcrafted with precision, the Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror is meticulously cut and polished from genuine obsidian stone, not mere black glass. This natural material infuses the mirror with incredible energy, elevating your spiritual practice to new heights. Experience the surge of magnetic energy as you engage in yoga, feng shui, or alchemy, with the mirror amplifying your intentions and intentions.

The well-polished, reflective surface of the obsidian mirror is tailor-made for scrying and divination, providing you with a clear window into the enigmatic world of the supernatural. But it doesn't stop there - obsidian, known for its protective properties, becomes your shield against psychic attacks and banishes negative spiritual influences from your sacred space.

The Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror is the ultimate tool for those who are drawn to the mystical arts of divination and scrying. So, why wait? Step into the realm of ancient wisdom and embark on a journey of self-discovery with this powerful and beautifully-crafted mirror by your side. Unleash your potential, unravel the mysteries of the universe, and connect with the unseen. The possibilities are endless, and the power is in your hands.

Please note: this mirror does not come with a stand. Display Stands for Mirror & Tiles found here.

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Gregory Farina
Love This Mirror!

Really great scrying mirror, Love it !!! Thanks Good Job

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