7 Chakra Sage Smudge Stick

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7 Chakra - Rainbow - White Sage Smudge, 3 to 4 inches

Invoke the spiritual energies of the 7 Chakras with Sacred Sage and Rose Petals to open your heart and cleanse negative energy. Handcrafted with sustainably grown White Sage, perfect for rituals, ceremonies, smudging, or home décor.

Enjoy the safe and powerful cleansing properties of sage married with the beauty of seven colored roses. Each petal carries its own distinct energy to align and balance the chakras; allowing for positive and creative energy to flow freely in your space.

Create a space full of love and light. This bundle is perfect for use in ceremonies and rituals or just to uplift a space. With this combination of white sage and rose petals, you'll be able to use it as a powerful tool to transform your spiritual practice or home into an atmosphere of love and peace.

Please Note: Purchase is for one (1) smudge stick.

    Photo is taken of freshly wrapped smudge stick. Natural rose petals are placed on the sage bundle, petals may have variation in color and browning as drying process occurs. String color may vary. Grown sustainably; Ethically harvested.

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