7 Layer Money Spell Bottle

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Spell Bottle with 7 Layers of Gemstones, Minerals & Herbs

As a witch, you have the power to harness energies and manifest abundance in your life. And what better way to do so than with a money spell bottle? By calling upon universal forces, you can attract financial freedom, prosperity, and wealth into your life.

Manifest Money: This Money Spell Bottle is here to open the pathways for financial success. Our 7-layer blend of herbs, minerals, and gemstones will help you focus your intentions and manifest abundance into your life. Draw money and wealth like a magnet with powerful minerals, gemstones and herbs. The Money Bottle will help you create a sacred space so that money can flow freely into your life.

Cast a Spell for Wealth: Our ingredients have been carefully chosen to draw money and prosperity. Let Sea Salt purify and cleanse; Lemongrass protect and communicate; Cinnamon rewards with power and success; Jasmine with feminine energies attracts love and wealth; Rosemary repels negatives for money growth; Bloodstone brings luck, power, business success & prosperity; Ginger promises good fortune & money.

Draw Abundance: Give yourself the gift of financial freedom by using this spell bottle. Focus your energy on what you need, whether it be bills paid or fun purchases ahead. Place your jar in a space that reminds you of money coming to you. Sealed with Green Sealing Wax for maximum protection.

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Bigger than what i expected and i love it. Great bottle. Keep it with me all the time.

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