Adam and Eve Oil by 13 Moons

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Adam and Eve Oil by 13 Moons

Skin-safe, ready-to-use magickal, spiritual oils

Made here at 13 Moons with essential oils, natural oil base and colors for your specific desires, wishes and wants; all that is needed is you! Use for anointing, dressing and blessing!

Adam and Eve Oil can be used for:

  • Drawing love and romance
  • Finding your perfect companion
  • Bringing you and the other person in your relationship closer
  • Drawing stronger love in your relationship
  • Drawing stronger romance in your relationship
  • Energizing the love and romance in your relationship
  • Keep your relationship invigorating & intense

Each is prepared in a .25 ounce glass vial.

Please Note: For external use only.
We do not accept returns on our oils, pheromones or perfumes due to health and safety reasons.
Please read more on Oils, Perfumes, Pheromone & Body Chemistry.

All 13 Moons Ritual Oils use a blend of sunflower, apricot kernel and sweet almond oils. Over time other natural ingredients may settle. Simply roll between your hands to remix the contents.

Customer Reviews

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Love it ty❤️


This is Amazing! Smells wonderful and long lasting.

Destiny Brock
7 drops of love

It smells like raspberries and candy but my partner love it.

Etsy Customer
It was well secured and packaged well.

It was well secured and packaged well.

Cheryl Salyer
Adam & Eve oil

About 45 mins or so after placing my order I was randomly checking my mail and I get a "shipping notification" from EYSY so I'm thinking wtf I haven't ordered anything cuz the order I just put in isn't even coming to mind since I just did it mins ago... WRONG!!!! 2 days later it was here!!! After looking at the different choice oils and the uses. The Adam & eve was the definite best fit. I am not a spring chicken by any stretch of the imagination nor am I a senior citizen so all the "come to me" & such oils, while very very tempting was not my main concern. My husband of 11 yrs and I are pretty much strangers who have "hallway sex" which is the F*** You as you pass each other in the hall!! Lol so any help that Adam & Eve oil and 13 moons can bring our way is much appreciated. The scent on me & remember everyone's ph is different but sometimes I get a cinnamon red hot candy smell and sometimes a flowery smell either way it subtle and not over powering. I will definitely be purchasing more from 13 moons regardless of the outcome lol 😀

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