Back to Back Separation Candle Red

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Red Back to Back Couple Candle

This dual wick candle is used to break a couple up and end a relationship. The candle presents a man and woman back to back on a heart shaped base. Use to turn two people away from one another. Write the names of the man and woman you wish to separate; you can carve into the candle or write on paper to place under the candle.

The two figures are separate from each other until they are joined at the base. This candle can be cut in half at the base to allow for more options in working with the candle.

Candle measures approximately 7 inches.

Use for:

  • Separate two people having problems or causing problems,
  • End your lover from being with another.
  • Keep your mate from straying/cheating.
  • Keep your family from breaking up.
  • Breaking up/ending a relationship.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick to .25 inch and burn in appropriate candle holder.

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Laurie Kinney

The red separation candle is awesome along with all the other things I've ordered😁😁😁

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