Wiccan Small Altar Wand

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8 Inch Two Tone "Pocket Wand"

Your two-toned Basic Altar Wand is approximately 8 inches long which is a custom design for your magickal rituals. Each wand is crafted from high quality birch wood in a two-tone finish. Each will vary as each wand is individually turned and stained. You can further accent and personalize your Ritual Wand if you wish.

Magick wands are considered the Air or Fire Element depending on your personal practice. Use your wand to help you center and direct your personal power. You can use your wand for collecting and storing energy; directing your magic; releasing energy as well for your sacred ceremonies.

Features of The Basic Altar Wand:

  • Unique Style
  • Birch Wood
  • Two Tone Finish
  • Long Lasting Ritual Tool
  • Nice hand hold
  • Very lovely crafted
  • Fantastic Gift for Harry Potter Aficionado
  • Measure approximately 8 inches

Please note: Includes a wand bag some of which may have small imperfections.

Customer Reviews

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Wiccan small altar wand

I bought the wand for my wife for her birthday. She absolutely loves it. Its perfect size for her hands and she is very excited to use it. Excellent purchase, very sturdy and well stained wand. Carrying bag was very nice as well.

nice wand

The wand is very light despite the look of it. The size is right (not too big or too small), and I don't have any issues with it. Perfect for me!

Chuck Byerly
Excellent quality and value

The Basic Altar Wand arrived looking exactly like the picture on the web site. It looks great for such a low cost.

Clara Johnson

so cute perfect for my altar. blessed be <3

Etsy Customer
I absolutely love this little wooden wand.

I absolutely love this little wooden wand. Will be great as a pointer for teaching purposes as well. Great price. Shipped quickly and was well-packaged with all my other little gifties. Thanks so much.

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