Black Cat Scented Votive

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Black Cat Votive - Reiki Blessed

Allow the Magick to Happen with the Black Cat Votive from the Reiki Charged Herbal Votive Candle Collection.

Each Magick Votive has been designed with a specific intention, using a unique blend of oils. The votives are made from high quality wax, cotton wicks and oil blends here in New England, USA.

Black Cat Votive Magickal Uses:
  • Protection and Dispelling Negatives
  • Desire
  • Drawing Love
  • Breaking Bad Spells
  • Remove Hexes and Jinxes
  • Bringing Good Luck
  • Bringing Good Fortune
  • Increase Success
  • Aiding you in Games of Chance
  • Drawing Money

Each votive burns for approximately 12-15 hours.

Use candles in meditation, rituals, spells or candle magic!

Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick to .25 inch and burn in the appropriate candle holder.

Color pigments may vary slightly in each batch made. Color of candles may differ from the photo.

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I like the quality of the orders and I like the little extra gifts and I like the fact they r always so polite and thankful they r my new favorite

Reiki blessed votive candles

During my practice over the years, I’ve come to learn that there are certain items I don’t go cheap on. Votive candles are one of them, and these are the only ones I use. (Not just the Black Cat, but all of the reiki blessed scented candles from 13 Moons) They’re clean burning and don’t gunk up your votive holders. They have a fantastic scent throw and are of amazing quality. They fit perfectly snug in a votive holder (a must for burning these) These are great for candle magick, I like to burn them as deity offerings (cinnamon for Sekhmet, black cat for Bastet, rose for Aphrodite…you get the idea) Bottom line: Do yourself a favor and get these, I promise you— you won’t go back to cheap votive candles ever again!!)

Etsy Customer


Etsy Customer
smells wonderful! - beautiful color can't

smells wonderful! - beautiful color can't wait to use it

Etsy Customer
Love this shop.

Love this shop. Great prices and the items are wonderful. This is the second time that I have ordered and I am awaiting my third order from this shop. Will definitely be back in the future.

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