Bloodstone Gemstones in Bottle

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Bloodstone Gems in Bottle

Bloodstone gemstones are very popular as they have a wide array of magickal properties from strength, power and courage to luck, success and wealth. You will feel the energy and power within our magical gemstones in a bottle. Use on your altar for powerful energy; spell crafting for your desires and intentions; add to your personal mojo bags and spell jars; and place throughout your home and garden for the energies needed.

We fill old-style corked bottles with small tumbled Bloodstones for your witchcraft spells, wishes, jewelry making, stone mosaics, crafts and home décor. The glass bottles measure approximately 1.53 inches tall x .87 inches wide.

Magical Properties of Bloodstone:

  • Element: Fire & Earth
  • Planet: Mars
  • Abundance
  • Business Ventures
  • Grounding & Centering
  • Invisibility
  • Legal Matters
  • Luck
  • Power
  • Prosperity
  • Strength & Courage
  • Success 
  • Root Chakra
  • Wealth

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