Book of Candle Magic

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The Book of Candle Magic

Candle Spell Secrets to Change Your Life
by Madame Pamita
Foreward by Judika Illes

Featuring authentic candle magic that anyone can do, this joyous book encourages you to dance in the moonlight and rekindle your spark of magic with a little wick, wax, and flame!

Renowned practitioner Madame Pamita guides you every step of the way as you perform spells and gain the confidence to create your own. The Book of Candle Magic empowers you to manifest more happiness, love, prosperity, and fulfillment. Learn to make candles from scratch, do candle readings, start your personal grimoire, add some pizzazz to your rituals, and much more. It's time to reclaim your birthright of using fire to reach your magical goals—this irresistible book shows you how.


  • Chapter 1: Your Candle Magic Starter Pack
  • Chapter 2: Practical (Candle) Magic
  • Chapter 3: Magic Words
  • Chapter 4: Customizing Your Spell Candles
  • Chapter 5: Planning Your Spell
  • Chapter 6 Making Magic Candles
  • Chapter 7: The Special Magic of Figural Candles
  • Chapter 8: Power in Numbers
  • Chapter 9: Candle Spell Layouts
  • Chapter 10: The Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Chapter 11: Candle Reading
  • Chapter 12 Adding Some Ritual Pizzazz
  • Chapter 13: I'm Done! What Happens Now?
  • Chapter 14: Creating Your Grimoire
  • Chapter 15: Try a Candle Spell

Hard Cover | 336 pages |  6 x 8 inches

Madame Pamita (Los Angeles, CA) is a professional tarot reader, rootworker, and teacher. She is the owner of an old-time spiritualist's shop, called Madame Pamita's Parlour of Wonders. She is the host of two YouTube video series, Hoodoo How To and the weekly Magic Q&A Tea Party. Madame Pamita is also the host of the Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast.


"Madame Pamita's expert knowledge and practical enthusiasm for candle magic shines brightly in this book. With wit and unique insight she encourages all of us, novice and adept alike, to ignite our magical life." —Chas Bogan

"Quite possibly the most complete and straightforward book on candle magic ever written." —Storm Faerywolf

"The clearest, most comprehensive, and thorough book I've ever encountered on candle magick. Destined to become the go-to book on candle magick... I can't recommend this book enough." —Jason Mankey

"Madame Pamita is the real deal...For the first time ever, she's put all the years of her experience and expertise into a single comprehensive and approachable guide that is sure to give all your candle spells blazing results beyond your wildest imagination." —Mat Auryn

"Teaching with both simplicity and a depth, no easy feat, Madame Pamita illuminates the path of candle magick for the novice and seasoned practitioners alike." —Christopher Penczak

"If you have questions about candle magic, Madame Pamita has all the answers." —Theresa Reed

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Patti Castro

Really haven’t had time to cast any spells but looking at the book I was quite pleased

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