Clear Crystal Ball 2.36 inch

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Clear Crystal Glass Ball with Display Stand

No divination collection is complete without this classic crystal ball. Used as a gazing stone, to help you focus your energy, or as a prayer/wish stone, clear crystal is an all purpose magic tool. This wonderful orb helps you brighten up any space and looking through it will give you a new perspective. Fantastic Sphere for your magic and fortune telling!

High Quality Crystal Ball. Clear Lead-Free Crystal Sphere measures approximately 2.36 inches (6 cm). Each sphere has low impurities, distortions, inclusions, and bubbles with high clarity. Please Note: Stand may vary from photo.

Clear Glass Balls are used for:

  • Communication Stones
  • Amplifying Intentions and Energy
  • Prayer/Wish Stones
  • Psychic Work
  • Meditation
  • Transmit and Transduce Thoughts and Energy
  • Focus and Activate Energy

Caution: DO NOT leave in direct sunlight. The magnifying effect of these spheres is strong, and can catch items aflame much like a magnifying glass.

Customer Reviews

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Lexy Cajigas
Not what I ordered.

The ball measures under 2 inches and does not come with a wooden stand. I was very disappointed, as I looked up the ball I received, and the same one is on amazon for $4... I spent $31 after shipping costs on the one I received. I won't be ordering anything from this vendor again.

Perfect Size

This clear crystal ball is a welcome addition to my table of crystal orbs. I use them along with the Spirit Board, it increases clarity. The clear crystal ball is the perfect size, arrived in perfect condition as it was well packed. I'm glad I found it.

Etsy Customer
This showed up right away.

This showed up right away. I feel like I see clearly now. Thank you for the fast shipping and great quality! I will be making a purchase again soon.

Etsy Customer
“13 MOONS - I MISS YOUUUUUU!!” I wailed as l

“13 MOONS - I MISS YOUUUUUU!!” I wailed as l scrolled through sale after sale from their freakin’ amazing Etsy store (they also have a separate site online, too!! Didja kno’ that?)

I couldn’t take it any longer. It couldn’t wait. In a frenzy, l (virtually) threw a set of coffin nails (because every woman should have them handy), a psychic vision bath salts set, a crystal ball (which arrived in a beautiful box packaged with ultimate care from the 13 Moons Elite Dispatch Division)a negativity candle and a replacement bottle of anointing oil into my (virtual) cart with SHEER ABANDON!!!! My review continues for each of the aforementioned items l (virtually) greedily jammed into my exhausted (virtual) cart. I was on a mission.

Etsy Customer
Perfect, I am so thrilled.

Perfect, I am so thrilled.

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