Clear Quartz Pendulum

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Clear Crystal Quartz Pendulum

Clear Quartz crafted into a beautiful pendulum for your divining use.

Quartz Pendulum measures approximately 1 inch and is approximately 6 inches long with the chain. The chain is tipped with a small clear quartz sphere.

No two gemstones are exactly the same. Expect variations in size, color, and appearance. Photo shows two for variance. Purchase is for one pendulum.

Before beginning work with your pendulum, we strongly suggest smudging/cleansing it followed with an anointment and blessing. As with all energy work, be specific and precise when asking a question. Choose which direction will be for a yes/positive answer and which direction for no/negative answer. Hold between your forefinger and thumb; balance out the energy by extending and fraying out your other three fingers. Ask your question to the universe as you "unfocus" on what you want the answer to be and watch your pendulum work.

Pendulum Work/Dowsing:

Pendulum Dowsing has been used for centuries for many things such as

  • hypnosis
  • answers to questions
  • finding lost items and people
  • pregnancy
  • relationships
  • choosing food
  • health
  • energy work

Using your pendulum:

Decide on the movements which are most satisfying to you for your yes and no answers. The standard movements are:

  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise
  • Diagonal
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

Simply hold the end of your pendulum, ask a question and watch the pendulum's swinging motion.

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