Convince and Bind Pheromone Oil

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Convince and Bind Pheromone Oil

Convince and Bind Pheromone Oil is one of those oils you should have on hand before you actually need it. Why you might ask? Because haven’t you ever needed to convince someone of something. That we’re right (obviously) and your goals are contingent on others seeing your viewpoint? Wouldn’t that make life so much easier?! The Convince and Bind Pheromone can assist you with the clear intentions to motivate others look at things from your point of view.

When the situation is dependent upon convincing others to be cooperative and they are not willing to do so, dominate them to take your thoughts, feelings, and opinions into consideration. Set the intention of having this person freely agree to what it is that you need convincing. Perfect for winning someone over to your way of thinking.

These oils are also known as ritual oils or conjure oils and are widely used for spell-work in Wicca, Hoodoo, and Voodoo. They can be used in various ways. It can be worn on the body as a perfume, added to your bath, anointing your favorite piece of jewelry or dressing a candle.

Convince and Bind Pheromone Oil Uses:

  • Goal setting
  • Binding
  • Attraction
  • Dominating
  • Perfume
  • Conjure Oil
  • Ritual Oil
  • Body Oil

1/3 fluid ounce (9.6 ml) Roll On Pheromone Perfume/Body Oil with Herbs.

Pheromones secreted from an individual can trigger a social response.

Please Note: For external use only.
We do not accept returns on our oils, pheromones or perfumes due to health and safety reasons.
Please read more on Oils, Perfumes, Pheromone & Body Chemistry.

Customer Reviews

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Good scent to layer with

Etsy Customer
It works, smells so good

It works, smells so good

Christine Crews
Awesome smell

All the products I have received have been great love the packaging and the smell.

Etsy Customer
All of these pheromone oils smell so good! I

All of these pheromone oils smell so good! I can’t get enough! The shipping is so fast and I even got a handwritten thank you! 10 stars if I could! Thank you. ✨🔮💜

Etsy Customer
Doesn't work at all.

Doesn't work at all. The smell doesn't last

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