Crow Moon

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Crow Moon by Lucy H. Pearce
"Suddenly the sky overhead is alive. From east and southeast, west and northwest, large black birds fly, traveling in their groups of hundreds, swirling, cawing, interweaving, dancing a greeting in the air. The sky is thick, black, feathered. We watch in awe as they combine and dissipate above our heads, as though we are lying on the bottom of the ocean, looking up at the surface world. Then, without signal or warning, they circle the heart of the wood and land in hidden roosts. Silence falls once more."

After months of feeling lost and burned out, a chance encounter with crows begins an adventure in the dark woods—inner and outer—leading to a strange and powerful initiation.
222 Pages| 8.25 x 8.25 inches | Paperback

About the Author:
Lucy’s multi-faceted creative work spans the expressive arts, exploring the lost archetypes of the feminine and symbols of the soul. Her thoughtful and arresting cover art and illustrations feature in many beloved Womancraft titles.

“A fascinating, challenging, enchanting flight through the raven-dark heart of the wilds, what it is to be lost and to find oneself.
This book begins with the words 'come with me' and heavens, you'll be glad you did - it will bewitch you - like the crows do when they call, and like Lucy can always be trusted to do with her wonderous words.
Follow the paths of sweet, rich, dark earth magic of the crow and their kin. This beautiful book reaches out into glorious flight and the sweeping feathered edges of our memory and intuition.”
—Sarah Robinson, author of Yoga for Witches, Yin Magic and Kitchen Witch
“This book feels like a fever dream. In a good way. In the way that fevers break patterns of pathology and allow the healing crisis to emerge. It reminds me of the health crises of those medieval female mystics. The Hildegards, the Julians, the Teresas of Avila, the Catherines of Sienna, the cartographers of the female dark night of the soul. Lucy H. Pearce has drawn us a map, a 21st century GPS to our essential selves.”
—Gina Martin, High Priestess, author of the When She Wakes trilogy
“Powerful, stunning, and transformative writing.”
—Mary Lunnen, life coach and author of six books including The Powerful Voice of the Quiet Ones and Your Compass Rose Speaks
“Crow Moon is a permission slip for the mid-life journey, shining a light on the dark and wild inner places that society tells us we must avoid at all costs. This rich, evocative book offers a compass with which to begin our own journey into those places, following the trail of those who have gone before us. Crow Moon shows us that if you go down in the woods today, you might just find yourself.”
—Awen Clement, priestess, healer and author of Moon Wise

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