Crystal Mushroom

Gemstone: Amethyst
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Crystal Mushrooms

These cute little mushrooms will aid in your rituals, crystal grid work, meditations, manifestations and astral travel. Each one measures approximately .75 x .50 inches (19.05 x 12.70 mm)

Mushrooms are associated with good luck, love, magick, fairy rings, bonding, witchcraft, mystery, nature, travel to other worlds, longevity, strength, danger, decay, cleansing and rituals.

These are a wonderful gift and look great on your altar, shelves, tables, planter and around your garden area!

We offer you crystal mushrooms of Amethyst, Labradorite & Opalite:

Amethyst Magickal Associations: Crown & Third Eye Chakras, Spirituality, Protection, & Love and much more

Labradorite Magickal Associations: Stone for Intuition, Psychic, Cleanse & Protect Aura, Good Luck, Success and much more

Opalite Magickal Associations: Crown & Third Eye Chakras, Well Being, Positive Energy, Transitions, Success in Business/Career and much more

Customer Reviews

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Mary Naegele
Cutest little mushroom

Everything from 13 moons is the best

Judith St. John

I love this tiny little mushroom in Amethyst my favorite go-to stone!! I carry it everywhere I go in my pocket! THANK YOU!!!
Judith 🥰✌️

Etsy Customer
I love this tiny little mushroom and the amethyst

I love this tiny little mushroom and the amethyst stone is my favorite and go-to for crystals. I can easily carry it in my pocket for protection. Thank you very much and I will be ordering again!
Judith 🥰✌️

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