Devil's Shoestring, Large Specimen

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Devil's Shoestring
Viburnum alnifolium

1+ ounce of wildcrafted Devil's Shoestring. This is several large pieces and large chunks of Devil's Shoestring, not cut into small pieces. Very rare to find a large pieces as these.

Please Note: Photo differs from the purchase as we get a variety in.

Each root is gathered, dried and placed in a re-sealable bag for your spell and ritual work. Carry in a white bag for protection; black or purple bag for power and green for luck and success.

Also known as: American Sloe, Black Haw, Cramp Bark, Goat's Rue, Hobblebush, Moose Bush, Stagbrush or Witch Hobble.

Devil's Shoestring is associated with:
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth, Water
  • Deities: Veritas
  • Power
  • Protection
  • Jobs
  • Business
  • Employment
  • Luck for Gambling

All herbs are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only. Ounces of whole pieces, leaves, berries may contain broken or torn pieces.

Always store your herbs in a dark area for a longer shelf-life.

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