Dragon's Blood Ritual Crafted Oil by 13 Moons

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Put some oomph in your spellwork!

.33 ounce Dragon's Blood Ritual Oil crafted at 13 Moons

Our Dragon's Blood Ritual Oil is blended to add an extra power boost to your spells and rituals. Our unique blend of enchantment creates an oil ideal for strengthening spells, bringing luck, exorcism, protection, bring love and sealing promises or pacts.

Bring Love, Strengthen Love & Return a Lover Attract a new love, rekindle the romance or bring back a lover with this special oil! Perfect for attracting love, providing peace and quiet, and enhancing sexual potency. It'll increase passion, love, and connection between two people, so get ready for a ride on the love rollercoaster!

Peace & Quiet Get peace of mind from unwelcome influences, energies, spirits, and interference with help from this oil. All these negative influences will be removed and replaced by tranquility and serenity!

Consecration As an all-purpose product in witchcraft, this oil works well for consecration of objects or spaces with its unique combination of Dragon's Blood ingredients. It can offer potent protection from unwanted forces within your life.

Protection & Purification For those looking for additional protection and purification, this oil is ideal. Use it in rituals to increase energy, exorcise negative influences, or consecrate magical items. Use it as a forcefield against all kinds of bad vibes and metaphysical attacks.

Aroma: Sensual midnight musk dances with the glowing warmth of amber. Crystallized with juniper and mandarin for the added boost!
Top Notes: Juniper, Bergamot, Peppercorn and Cardamom
Middle Notes: Amber, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Tuberose
Base Notes: Midnight Musk, Amber, Almond, Tonka Bean and Coconut Milk


  • Power Boost for Magickal Workings
  • Luck & Love
  • Seal  promise or pact.
  • Bring Lover Back
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Exorcism
  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Consecration Oil
  • Conjure Oil
  • Anointing Oil for Candles, Spell Bottles Sigils, Crystals, and Mojo Bags
  • Anoint yourself, personal items and ritual tools
  • Use as an offering to the Gods & Goddesses
  • Our premium quality oil is made in the USA and never tested on animals.
  • Blended fresh at 13 Moons, ensuring every bottle is of great quality and consistency.
  • Alcohol free so that you get the full potency of their property & purpose. These oils are suitable for anointing candles, crystals, mojo bags, sigils and more. Use to draw love, luck & fortune or break hexes & reverse spells!
  • Long Lasting, Skin Safe Safe Oil. External Use Only.
  • Handcrafted & Blessed at 13 Moons
  • Created in a High Quality .33 oz Premium Glass Vial with Glass Roller Ball and Black Twist-On Cap.
  • 13 Moons has supplied the Pagan & Occult communities with quality items at great prices since 1997.


Powerful, Seductive and Enticing Top Notes of Blackberry, Plum and Peony Saffron, with notes of Balsam, Thyme, Mate, and Suede and base notes of  Musk, Olibanum and Vetiver.

Please Note: The natural ingredients may settle to the bottom of the bottle. If this occurs, simply swirl, lightly shake or roll in palms to mix the herbs, resins, essential oils and natural coloring before using. We prefer the 'rolling in palm' method as we are adding our warmth and energy to the oils.

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