Evil Eye Spell Bottle

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5 Layer Spell Bottle with Evil Eye Protection Gemstones, Minerals & Herbs

Get ready to experience good luck & success in all your endeavors while being protected!

Use for maximum protection from harm or bad luck. Enjoy the benefits of a spiritual shield that will prevent evil intentions or jealousy from taking hold.

Each Spell Bottle is filled with 13 Moons crafted Blue Evil Eye Salt, Black Tourmaline Tumbled Gemstone Chips, Pea Flowers, Cloves and Basil. Sealed with Blue Sealing Wax and topped with an Evil Eye Palm Stone.  

Protect Yourself This powerful spell bottle will help rid negative energy, curses, and hexes while increasing a barricade against negativity.

Powerful Ingredients Our special blend of herbs, oils, salts, and gemstones offer enhanced protection from harm or bad luck. The evil eye glass stone symbolizes safety from any harm. The Evil Eye Blue Salt is crafted and charged with intent under the full moon

Power Up Easily drive away evil energy energies and purify your environment with the power of Pea Flowers for protection, Cloves for purification & stopping gossip, Basil for good luck and money, and Black Tourmaline Gemstones for enhancing spiritual work & grounding.

Complete Package Securely sealed in blue wax & topped off with an evil eye glass stone to give you the power to protect yourself from any harm or bad luck!

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Good deal

Bottles are nicely put together.


The bottle is beautiful just wish it came with more information.

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