Backyard Fire Pit with Kettle Hook

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Fire Pit Cooker for Backyard and Camping

The Backyard Fire Pit was designed as a safer, cleaner, and more attractive alternative to the conventional fire ring.

Please Note: Ships from the maker. Cast Iron Cauldron Not Included Included: Fire Pit with Grill and Kettle Hook

Basic operation - Set up the fire pit at your campsite, in your backyard, or on your stone or brick patio. Build a fire in the pit, and when the firewood is burned down, swing the grill over the fire. No need to worry about cleanup afterwards! Happy Camping; Relaxing evenings at home and flavor-full cooking!

Deluxe heavy duty 28 inch octagon fire pit with stainless steel grill, kettle hook and chain. The fire pit sits up off of the ground with four base feet.

Can be set up at a campsite or in your backyard or patio. Build a fire in the pit; adjust air flow with the air vents can be adjusted for air flow. Once you have hot coals, swing the kettle hook or grill over your fire.

  • Fire Pit weighs 68 pounds.
  • Kettle Hook weighs 7 pounds.
  • Made in the USA
  • Painted with high temperature, 1200°F paint. You can touch up your pit or restore, if needed, by repainting with a flat black high temperature paint available at your local hardware store.
  • Kettle Hook ships in separate box from the fire pit due to its dimensions.

Self-Contained Unit ships unassembled. Everything is included with the kit - no special tools required:

  • 25.5 inch grill with stainless steel wire mesh
  • Four (4) Pit sides with air vent
  • Four (4) Pit sides without air vent
  • One (1) Base with four legs
  • One (1) Grill support post
  • Stainless Steel Bolts, Nuts, Locknuts, Beveled Washers, Stainless Steel Air Controls, Adjustable Bushing, T-handles
  • Kettle Hook with T-handle and 4 ft. chain with S hook.

Kettle Hook Info:

  • Weight on the the Kettle Hook should not exceed 35 pounds.
  • The spring handle is used a counter balance when pulling on the chain for lowering and raising a kettle.

Safety Info:
Use outdoors only; Not for indoor use.
Have a fire extinguisher nearby.
Caution around children and pets.
Never leave the fire unattended.
Do not touch the outside of the pit while in use, all surfaces are hot.
Do not extinguish fire with water.
Do not burn on any surface that is flammable
Be aware of surroundings. Keep away from buildings, shrubs and trees of any combustibles.

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