Flower of Life Scrying Mirror Set - Limited Supply

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Rainbow Flower of Life Mirror Set
with Stand and Storage Sleeve

An Amazing piece with the Sacred Geometric Pattern

This non-breakable acrylic scrying mirror is dual purpose. Use the flower of life for meditation and more, then flip the mirror over to use the plain, black side for scrying.

The Flower of Life represents:

  • A Sacred, Secret Symbol
  • Geometric Pattern in the Universe
  • Source of All that Exists
  • The Fruit of Life
  • Connections of Life
  • Every Living Creature

This is a stunning tool and will be a useful addition to any divination set. Also useful for pendulum work, crystal work, or to focus your energy before any magical work. Microfiber cloth included for protection, cleaning, and storage as well as a stand and instructions for those new to the craft.


  • Non-Breakable Black Acrylic Mirror
  • Flower of Life on one side
  • Dual Purpose Microfiber Sleeve (for storage & cleaning)
  • Mesmerizing Design
  • Measures approximately 8 inches diameter
  • Instructions included
  • Includes a microfiber sleeve for storage, protection, and cleaning.
  • Includes Stand

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