Forest Fae Messages, Limited

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Forest Fae Messages: Curious Messages of Enchantment 

by Nadia Turner 

Enter the forest, seek wonder and enchantment, and hear the curious messages of the forest fae.

This set of 40 magickal cards invites you to delight in your imagination and sparks joy and inspiration. When you’re feeling weighed down by the mundane, these cards will help you to find a gate in the hedge or a way over the wall, to go beyond the boundary between this world and that—to escape your way into the forest and to magick.

How to use the Forest Fae cards:
Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Shuffle the deck while thinking of a question, or just ask the fae for guidance. Choose a card at random and discover what messages the forest fae have for you. Perhaps the answers will be clear or maybe they will ask more questions before they answer. Such is the way of the fae.

40 cards | 4 x 2 inches

About the Author:

Nadia Turner is an Australian illustrator and artist who creates wayward wonders out of a little studio up in the Dandenong Ranges just outside of Melbourne, Australia. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows within Australia and overseas, and has created illustrations for a variety of clients as well as commissions for private individuals and businesses. She especially enjoys illustrating children's books. When she’s not drawing or creating, you'll find her, coffee in hand, perusing bookstores or wandering in the forest looking for mushrooms and treasures.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Ryan
Love These!

These little cards are wonderful I have used them everyday since I got them and I love the images and the messages. They always give me something to think about, and the guidance I need.


Ordered as a gift for my fiancé. She loves it and is now shopping on 13 moons for more things

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