Forest of Enchantment Tarot Deck and Book Kit

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Forest of Enchantment Tarot
By Lunaea Weatherstone, Meraylah Allwood 

Once you step into the enchanted wood, your life—and your spirit—will never be the same.

The forest is alive with magic: wise ancient trees, glowing blossoms, crystal caves, and forbidding thickets of thorns. Here you will meet witches and wizards, faeries and elves, birds and beasts both earthly and otherworldly, ghosts and shape-shifters, dancing princesses and sad old knights. As you wend your way along the twisting woodland paths, finding adventure at every turn, the old tales come to life. In the Forest of Enchantment, you may seek your fortune, quest for success, and live happily ever after.

Boxed Kit with Deck and Book | 240 pages | 6 x 8 x 2 inches


"Inspired by trees, birds, witches, elves, fairies, and flower blossoms, this beautiful deck will enchant you and entice you into it's world. This is a Rider-Waite-Smith based deck, entwined with magic, and will suit a beginner or more seasoned reader."—Esotoracle

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Forest Of Enchantment Tarot Deck & Book Kit

This Forest Of Enchantment Tarot Deck & Book Kit Is So Exquisite ✨ Beautiful Art Work & The Book Beautifully Detailed✨I Want To Thank You For Your Expedited Service As An Error In My Order Was Corrected As Soon As You Were Notified✨Your Customer Service Is Excellent & I Am Thankful & Grateful🤗Always Looking Forward To Shopping With You✨Blessed Be✨🕊️✨🌒🌕🌘

Jenna S.
Love It

This is a fantastic deck that anybody could use. Enough complexity for experienced readers but accessible for beginners. The guidebook is genuinely helpful, the art is beautiful, can't go wrong with this one.

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