Gemstone Chip Earrings

Gemstone: Amethyst
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Gemstone Chip Earrings

Chic. Compelling. Alluring.

Each earring is stacked with semi-precious tumbled gemstones creating an impressive earring collection to choose from for your magickal jewelry. They are a pleasure to wear as they are light weight and elegant specimens of gemstone art. Each stone is natural, there will be slight variations in coloring, shape and arrangement yet analogous to the earrings in our photos.

Earrings measure approximately 1 inch long. 

Perfect for all occasions and excellent gift ideas. 

Amethyst Magickal Associations: Crown & Third Eye Chakras, Spirituality, Protection, Well Being & Love

Citrine Magickal Associations: Root & Sacral Chakras, Prosperity, Wealth, Success, Calmness, Harmony, Rid Negatives, Psychic stone

Labradorite Magickal Associations: Stone for Intuition, Psychic, Cleanse & Protect Aura, Good Luck, Transformation, Success

Lapis Lazuli Magickal Associations: Crown, Third Eye & Throat Chakras, Protection, Awareness, Truth, Harmony & Balance, Intuition, Creativity, Love

Malachite Magickal Associations:  All Chakras, Transformation, Love, Good Fortune, Prosperity, Absorb Negatives, Friendship, Protection, Power, Business Success

Opalite Magickal Associations: Crown & Third Eye Chakras, Well Being, Energy, Transitions, Success in Business/Career

Rose Quartz Magickal Associations: Heart Chakra, Love, Romance, Peace, Friendship, Harmony, Joy, Family Love, Balance 

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Judd
Love them

I absolutely love the earrings and I notice the powers between my pendulum necklace and the earrings. Pretty awesome

Lovely experience

Nicely packed, felt personal, high quality items, really appreciate it. Have already ordered again. :)

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