Green Aventurine Tumbled Runes

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Green Aventurine Rune Set

Allow the Luck Stones guide you!

Exquisite runes made of beautiful aventurine. Known as the Luck Stone, aventurine is a great choice for meditation or divination about money and career issues. A helpful stone for gamblers, you might want to carry these with you for good fortune. This aventurine set is a wonderful choice for seasoned practitioners and anyone who wants to add a new dimension to their divination routine.

Your set features the Futhark runes, a set of 24 carved runes and 1 blank. Set also includes a black velveteen bag for storage, protection, and traveling. Comes with a small instruction booklet and a gift box, making this a perfect gift for someone (including yourself!).

Aventurine is associated with:

  • Money
  • Peace
  • Luck
  • Creativity
  • Money Attraction
  • Bring Opportunity
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Imagination
  • Career Success
  • Balance
  • Happiness
  • Positive Outlook
  • Prosperity
  • Friendship
  • Protection
  • Heart Chakra
  • Abundance
  • Adventures in Travel
  • Independence

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