Hag Stone

Size: Small: .25 - .75 inches
Sale price$3.50


Beach Gathered Hag Stone

A traditional stone witches carried to enter the otherworld through the natural hole. Hag Stones are also known as Holey Stones, Witches Stones and Peep Stones. These are the perfect size for jewelry making and crafting.

Please Note: Our gathered stones may vary from our photos. We have a wide variety collected from smooth, round to bumpy and uniquely odd shaped - we do not take a photo of each gathered stone from the shores.

Magickal Uses:

  • Wear as Jewelry for Protection
  • Carry as an Amulet for Protection
  • Ocean Elements and Energy
  • Throw Back to the Ocean to Attract Love
  • Good Luck
  • Well Being
Sizes vary but measure approximately
  • Small:  .25 - .75 inch
  • Medium: .75 to 2 inches

All hag stones have at least one hole through them with some have multiple holes. Photo shows a variety. Purchase is for one stone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Tamar Furcht
Sweet little hag stone

I needed the hag stone to create a witches ladder. It’s the perfect size and I’m very happy with it. Also, as usual, the entire order came very quickly. 13 Moons is my go- to place for Witchcraft supplies.

Hag Stone

Extraordinary quality, excelente service and good price, I will definitely buy again and recommend their merchandise..

Zachariah Boyd
Exactly what I was looking for

Great item, glad I purchased it :)

Dorene McDermott
Hag stone

I have always wanted one. It's perfect for carrying and for calming. The price was great. Thank you for selling such amazing products.

Joseph Brown III
Hag Stones

Always wanted a hag stone and now I have 3! Already found my first hag! Awesome rocks with a lot of character! Thank You! Peace ☮️

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