Heal All Bundle

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Heal All Herb Bundle gathered from our fields and gardens

Prunella vulgaris

Limited Supply until next harvest season.

This delightful herb with delicate lavender to purple petals is a delight to grow, dry and use in your spell crafting. All Heal is associated with the elements of Water and Earth, with the planets of Venus and the New Moon which is when most of these were collected.

All Heal is also known as: Self Heal, Heart of the Earth, All Heal, Sicklewort, Woundwort and Carpenter's Herb.

Make an Anointing Oil by infusing the plant in your favorite carrier oil. Bless and charge under a waxing or full moon. Store in a cool, dark area. Or create a charm bag to carry the herb in for protection, power and more.

Crafted into small bundles for your magical rituals and ceremonies. Each Heal All Bundles measures approximately 5 to 7 inches long.

Photos show All Heal growing in our gardens and fields along with the dried bundles.

Magickal uses for your Heal All Herb Bundle:
  • Power to your rituals, ceremonies and spell crafting
  • Healing Rituals including inner healings of emotions, abuse, etc.
  • Floor Wash to cleanse your home
  • Protection
  • Life's journey
  • Vibrates with Mind, Body & Soul

Please Note: The Heal All is dry and some will break up; these pieces can also be used in your spell crafting. We have carefully wrapped them to deter breakage during packing and shipping. For magickal use only; not intended for food use.

Each Bundle is wrapped in recycled packing paper, newsprint or newspaper and will vary slightly from the photos.

All herbs and spices are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only. Ounces of whole pieces, leaves, or berries may contain broken or torn pieces.

Always store your herbs in a dark area for a longer shelf-life.

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