High John Root - Whole - Medium

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High John Root - Whole - Medium
Ipomoea jalapa

High John Root symbolizes endurance, success, courage, happiness and strength. High John the Conqueror root is associated with the element of fire, and can be used to “burn away” curses, obstacles, crossed conditions and start with a strong spirit and confident spirit.

John the Conqueror root can be carried as a powerful talisman or it can be incorporated into many spells. This root is one of the most sought after magickal herbs and it will add strength to all of your spiritual workings.

One medium whole root measuring approximately 1 inch, in a resealable bag.

High John Magickal Uses:
  • Protection from negativity, harm, evil, curses and hexes
  • Removes all obstacles and blockages in your path
  • Unlocks the door for new opportunities and experiences
  • Attracts abundance, financial gain, money and prosperity
  • Brings luck at games of chance and gambling
  • Empowers one for success in business and employment
  • Enhances love, devotion, passion and lust.
  • Brings luck and success in every endeavor 
  • Excellent to use for positive outcomes in legal matters

All herbs and spices are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only. Ounces of whole pieces, leaves, or berries may contain broken or torn pieces.

Always store your herbs in a dark area for a longer shelf-life.

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I keep it next to me daily. Thanks again.

Latoya Williams
High John Root

I am so very pleased with my order. It was received in a timely manner. I will be ordering more items in the future. Thank you.

Sheron Grant

High John Root - Whole - Medium

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