Kawaii Tarot Kit

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Kawaii Tarot

78-Card Deck of Magic and Cute
By Diana Lopez

Check out your future kawaii style with the cutest tarot deck ever created. 

Everyone loves kawaii, the adorable Japanese art style found in comics, TV, fashion, and more. Now, this easy-to-use kit brings that charm to the world of tarot!

Packaged with an accessible guidebook to help you interpret your readings, this 78-card deck features a sweet pastel-colored design that will appeal to avid tarot readers and kawaii collectors alike.

Deck Includes:

  • 78 Card Full Color Cards
  • 96 Page Guidebook
  • Cards measure approximately 5.313 x 7.125 inches

Some Features of the Kawaii Tarot:

Court Cards:

Court cards can be actual people in the querent's life, themes or internal energies. Remember that although we use male and female pronouns for these cards, they can represent any gender.

Kings & Queens:

Kings and Queens represent the mastery of the coordinating suit. They can be older or authoritative people in the querent's life.


Knights stand for hard work and the willpower to achieve. They may just be starting their career.


Pages are newfound passion and enthusiasm. These character cards can also signify childhood or children.


Kawaii Tarot uses a color system to represent different elements.

Marzipan: The yellow tone stands for money and earthly possessions.

Aqua: The green-blue in Kawaii Tarot represents intellect.

Thistle: Lavender represents sentimentality or using your heart.

Blush: The soft red in Kawaii Tarot means drive and passion.

Customer Reviews

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I loveeeee

I had got this deck for Aphrodite, and not only did I think it’s the cutest deck over but she loves it too:) Anything for my Beauty Queen🥰


I got this tarot deck for Aphrodite and not only do I think it’s super freaking cute, she loves it as well

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