Love Witch Ritual Oil by 13 Moons

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Cottage Witch Ritual Oil: Love Witch
Oil, Herb & Stone Infusion

13 Moons' Love Witch Ritual Oil is the ultimate fusion of oils and herbs and stone enchantment. Each bottle is freshly crafted to ignite your senses and elevate your personal rituals.

This bewitching concoction features a potent blend of essential oils, including Bergamot, Frankincense, Rosemary, and Vetiver. These luxurious scents intertwine with premium perfumes of Grapefruit, Succulent, and Pineapple, evoking a seductive aura that lingers in the air.

Infused with the power of Red Rose Petals and Vetiver, as well as the mesmerizing energy of Rose Quartz gemstone, this ritual oil is a catalyst for passion, self-love, and an open heart chakra. It summons the divine presence of Venus, transcending mere desire and awakening depths of enchantment beyond imagination.

With a base oil blend of Apricot, Sunflower, and Almond, this oil enchants and entices, enveloping you in its mystical embrace. Use it for anointing, conjuring, and invoking devotion. Attract a lover or multiple lovers, who wholeheartedly adore you just the way you are!

Indulge in the mystique of the Love Witch Ritual Oil and unlock a world of sensuality and enchantment like never before.

Features of our Cottage Witch RItual Oil Line:

  • Artisan Crafted in small batches with Essential Oils, Premium Perfumes, Herbs & Gemstones
  • Handcrafted & Blessed at 13 Moons
  • Anointing & Conjuring Oils
  • Our premium quality oil is made in the USA and never tested on animals.
  • Blended fresh at 13 Moons, ensuring every bottle is of great quality and consistency.
  • Alcohol free so that you get the full potency.
  • Suitable for anointing candles, crystals, mojo bags, sigils and more.
  • Use for rituals, spell crafting and spiritual ceremonies.
  • Long Lasting, Skin Safe Safe Oil. External Use Only.
  • Created in a Quality Clear Glass .5 oz Bottle with Black Twist-On Cap.
  • 13 Moons has supplied the Pagan & Occult communities with quality items at great prices since 1997.

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    Dianna E Kelly
    Beautiful and created with great love and care

    13 moons has been my go to seller now for the most beautiful items for sale. Such a lovely seller with quality made products and such dedication to their craft! I feel more self esteem than my whole before Highly valued seller and highly recommend!

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