Magical Herb Set #4

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Magickal Herb Set #4

Introducing our Magical Herb Set #4. This 13 Herb set includes some of the most popular, magical and useful organic or wildcrafted herbs. Expand your herbal knowledge! Experience the many difference scents, from sweet and floral to rich and earthy. Spell-craft herbs for your ritual and ceremonial uses.

13 Samplers of the herbs and a few of their associations:
  • Alfalfa: Good Luck, Money, Prosperity
  • Catnip: Abundance, Beauty, Cat Magick, Love
  • Dandelion Leaf: Balance, Calling Spirits, Creativity, Sun/Solar Rituals, Wishes
  • Elderberry: Exorcism, Prosperity, Protection, Spiritual Well Being
  • Galangal: Hex Breaking, Lust, Money, Protection, Psychic Powers
  • Ginger: Love, Money, Power, Success
  • Hibiscus: Divination, Love, Lust
  • Hops: Peace, Spiritual Well Being
  • Motherwort: Counter Magick, Goddess, Joy, Love, Protection, Purpose
  • Mullein: Courage, Divination, Protection
  • Quassia: Bring and Keep Love
  • Rose Hips: Love, Spiritual Well Being
  • Vervain: Purification, Peace, Spiritual Well Being

Each herb is packed in a 2" x 3" resealable bag for convenient use and storage. Always store your herbs in a dark area for a longer shelf-life.

On occasion an herb may be unavailable. If this happens we will substitute appropriately.

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