Mushroom Spirit Oracle, Limited

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Mushroom Spirit Oracle - 36 Gilded Cards and 112-Page Full-Color Guidebook

by Nicola McIntosh

This deck will take you on a journey through the magical, mysterious, and medicinal world of fungi and their power to heal.

In the Mushroom Spirit Oracle, you will find thirty-six hand-drawn images of mushrooms from all over the world. Each mushroom has a message for you. The accompanying booklet not only guides you to answers you may be seeking on a spiritual level, it also goes into the known medicinal aspects of mushrooms and how we can bring these incredible beings into our life to raise our vibration and physical health.

How to use your Mushroom Spirit Oracle cards:
This deck has specifically been created for readings on yourself. It is very personal and touches on many sensitive topics. Use the cards whenever you feel like there is something you need to get off your chest or need clarity with, anything you feel stuck on or if you just want to sit with yourself and see what comes up for you right now.

Each card has a description but you are encouraged to read the imagery intuitively and create your own meaning from what you see. Start with your first impression and then read the descriptions to get further insight.

112 Pages | 3.5 x 5

About the Author:

Nicola McIntosh’s love for herbs started in her early twenties when she received a bachelor of health science in Western herbal medicine; one of the first to graduate from the newly created degree at the time. From there, her love of creating natural skincare products grew and after making her own for twenty years, she felt the need to push her knowledge further. After completing a masters in Chinese herbal medicine, graduating with distinction, she then pursued a diploma of organic skincare formulating. Bringing together her years of study as well as her practice with Celtic Shamanism, she has brought her passion to life in her own way, creating a range of herbal products alongside her oracle cards and books.

Working from her home base, she formulates new products, working with all manner of herbs, including some from her own garden—creating a more sustainable business—which allows her to understand that there is so much more plants have to offer us. Her intention is to help others find their love for herbs and mushrooms and their many uses, as well as finding peace for ourselves.

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Alicia Krug
Mushroom Oracle Deck

I'm so happy with this purchase, these cards are exactly what I was hoping for! The artwork is beautiful, the guidebook is very useful, even providing info on the mushrooms toxicity/edibility. As a lover of mushroom hunting, this new Oracle Deck is a perfect fit for me! Thank you, Thirteen Moons 💙🌕💙

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