Of Blood and Bones

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Of Blood and Bones

Working With Shadow Magick & The Dark Moon
By Kate Freuler; Foreword by Mat Auryn

Shadow magick occupies a critical but often misunderstood role in the rich history of witchcraft. This book explores topics such as the ethical use of animal parts and bones, blood magick, dark moon energy, and other rarely discussed aspects of witchcraft.

With a focus on ethically sourcing materials and suggestions for plant-based substitutions, author Kate Freuler provides much-needed information and hands-on techniques to help you strengthen your witchcraft practice, connect to nature, protect yourself (and your kith and kin), and know yourself in a deep way.

Within these pages, you will also discover methods for hexing, scrying, sex magick, and working with dark deities in addition to the magickal use of graveyard dirt and performing spells to assist the crossing of a dying loved one. The shadow work explored in Of Blood and Bones reminds us that not everything is love and light, and that facing the dark side supports the quest to achieve spiritual wholeness.

312 pages | 6x9 inches

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Bridget Spencer
Very Enlightening

I greatly enjoyed the book. The best part I liked about it is how straightforward the author is. Before you even get into any rituals or anything of a similar nature, she sits you down (figuratively speaking) and talks about the shadow magick with you.

If your wanting this book, I think it is a good book to get in touch with the whole you. Something the author is very frank about. In easy terms, I like to put it as our Yin and Yang. And that shadow magick itself is not necessarily to do harm, but to face your own shadow, embrace it as part of you, and then harness it to improve your own sense of life and self.

I had gotten this book, because eventually I would like to learn how to make bone jewelry and to imbue it with magick. While not for nefarious purposes, I knew using animal bones could perchance have negative effects if not used properly. Instead, I got a wonderful book that not only touches on the topic I originally purchased it for, but a book to guide me through my own darkness.

TLDR: Very much worth the read.

Carla Miller

Very happy with my purchase. Looking forward to assimilating new knowledge into my practice.


This Book has everything you need to know about ethical sourcing of bones. It talks upon blood magic and the dangers. It talks upon shaddow magic. And is an AMAZING book for those who are interested in necromancy magick. 10/10 would recommend

Excellently written

I love this book. It is so honest and down to earth about the more "taboo" side of magick. It is very insightful, open and intuitive. Highly recommend. I just got it yesterday and I am already half way through.

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