OM Incense Burner

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Multi-Use OM Incense Burner

This incense burner features an OM symbol centered inside a lotus flower in striking colors of dark turquoise, yellow ochre and burnt sienna. Finely crafted two piece soapstone burner for your incense burning pleasure, ceremonies and rituals. 

This multi-use bowl is great for cone incense, stick incense, herbs and resin on charcoal and as a container for fragrant herbs to make you own potpourri. For burning on charcoal, we recommend placing sand in the bowl and then lighting the charcoal, you may also wish to add sand for cone incense burning.

Handcrafted from real soapstone. Measures approximately 3 x 2.5 inches.

Uses for your Incense Burner:

  • Stick Incense: The hole for stick incense is inside the lid. Simply lift lid and invert onto bowl. Once inverted, it holds your stick and catches the ash.
  • Cone Incense: Lift the lid, place cones in bowl and light. Replace lid and allow smoke to drift through the carved designs on top. Recommended for ease of clean-up: Use sand in bowl.
  • For Herbs, Resins on Charcoal: Lift the lid, place charcoal in bowl, light. Once burning, place herbs/resins on top of charcoal. Replace lid and allow smoke to drift through the carved designs on top. Add herbs/resins as needed.
  • Potpourri Container: Blend your favorite fragrant herbs and place inside bowl, cover with the lid and allow the aroma to drift into your sacred space.

Please Note: We have various colors of soapstone so the burner you purchase may vary from the photo.

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