Pentacle Silver Bell 3 inch

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Pentacle Altar Bell in Silver

Elegance and grace for your altar

This charming silver bell is a perfect fit for any altar. Silver has a timeless grace and is well matched with this compact design. The etched pentacle is a subtle, but potent, call to protective power in your sacred space.

One of the Seven Noble metals of alchemy, silver has long been revered in magical traditions. From psychic protection to moon worship to dream enhancement, silver is a useful metal. Paired with the ancient pentacle's protective qualities, this bell becomes a dynamic artifact for those who do dream work, divination, or seek added protection in their space. Measures 3 inches (7.6 cm) and may vary slightly from the picture.

Silver is associated with:
  • The Moon
  • Protective Magic
  • Psychic Sensitivity
  • The Sixth Chakra (third eye)

Customer Reviews

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Celeste Prater
Love this bell!

I'm extremely happy with this bell. Perfect tone. Even my dog Thor looked up and wagged his tail when it chimed. We both grinned. Excellent addition to my altar. Looks exactly as shown on the site. 13 Moons ensured every item I purchased came in an extremely well-packed box. Loving care taken. I will definitely shop here again.

Maureen Heartwood
So pretty!

It has quite a nice ring for its size. I used it in a large circle in an outdoor ritual, and it was loud enough to carry, while still being a great small size for portability. There's a pentacle etched on both front and back of the bell.

Misty Buchanan
More than happy

Love the simplicity of this little bell. Great size for traveling & is a great addition to my altar.

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