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13 Moons Hand Crafted Poppet Kits
Limited Supply

A poppet, also known as dollies, doll babies and Voodoo dolls, are to represent you or another person. Poppets measure approximately 6 inches (15.24 cm).

Each Poppet Kit includes:

  • Hand Sewn Poppet, unstuffed with opening in the back for filling.
  • 5 Straight Pins - colors vary
  • Pack of Herbs (some grown here in our magickal gardens)
  • High Quality Poly-fil
  • Gemstone specific to the intent of the doll.
  • Mini Faux Bell Pendant (does not ring) to sew onto the doll.
  • Mini Spell Bottle with Salt, Herb or Herb Blend specific to the intent of the doll.
  • Hand Sewn Drawstring Bag to add herbs, stones, etc. for a personal charm bag - various colors - may not match photos.

Please Note: The mini spell bottle can be used as a spell bottle or tie thread/ cord to neck of the bottle to pin/sew to the doll. The gemstone can be placed on your altar with the doll, put inside doll if small enough, add to the charm bag or carry with you.

Not included: Thread and needle.

We offer the following kits:

Banishing/Reversing: Get rid of the crap that's holding you back! Reverse it and move on! Includes: Doll of black material; Black Obsidian stone; Herb Mix of Cloves, Agrimony, Rue, Sage & Lemongrass; 5 Straight Pins, Mini Faux Bell Pendant; and Mini Glass Spell Bottle with red, green, black and white pepper mix.

Good Luck Poppet Kit: Bring Good Luck into your life! Includes: Doll of orange material; Pyrite stone; Charm Bag Herb mix of Catnip, Purslane Root, Heather, and Thyme; 5 Straight Pins; Mini Faux Bell Pendant and Mini Glass Spell Bottle with mixture of Oregano and Catnip.

Love Poppet Kit: Call upon Love & Romance whether for short term fun or long term soul mate. Includes: Doll of red material; Natural Rose Quartz stone; Charm Bag; Flower mix of Roses, Calendula and Lavender and more to banish anything blocking you; 5 Straight Pins; Mini Faux Bell Pendant and Mini Glass Spell Bottle with Lavender flowers.

Money/Business Poppet Kit: Draw Money into your life and/or improve Business/Job/Career. Includes: Doll of green material; Pyrite gemstone; Charm Bag; Herb mix of Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Basil, and Iris Moss; 5 Straight Pins; Mini Faux Bell Pendant and Mini Glass Spell Bottle with mixture of Ginger and Cinnamon.

Protection & New Beginnings Poppet Kit: Begin anew with a layer of protection! Includes: Doll of white-black material; Carnelian stone; Charm Bag; Herb mix of Garden Sage, Dragon's Blood Resin, White Sage, Yarrow, Rose and Lavender Flowers 5 Straight Pins; Mini Faux Bell Pendant and Mini Glass Spell Bottle with mixture of Sea Salt & Himalayan Pink Salt. The herb mixture has some powdered herbs: May be easiest to spoon a bit into the doll and use the remainder to your charm bag.

Success Poppet Kit: Attract the success you need and desire! Includes: Doll of rust/red material; Amethyst Natural Point; Charm Bag; Witches Herbs for Success in all you do:  includes Mugwort, Basil, Yarros, Calendula, Thyme, Sage, and Ground Ivy; 5 Straight Pins; Mini Faux Bell Pendant and Mini Glass Spell Bottle with Red Clover blossoms.

We also offer Love & Reversing Poppets which are stuffed with Poly-fil and herbs.

Further Info:

  • Personalize: You can further accent your poppet by adding a face, clothing, corn silk or yarn for hair, attach material for clothing, Spanish Moss, decorative ribbon, flowers, attach photo(s), write a paper affirmation, rune symbol(s), tarot symbol(s), intent, birth date, astrological sign or sigils. You can use paint or markers to further customize.
  • Joining Energies: It is important to add something to your poppet to unite the doll to you or the other person you are representing. This can be a photo, material or ribbon of a favorite color, yarn representing color of hair, sew a piece of jewelry or other adornment to the doll. You can also use the intent energy to join yourself or another with the doll.
  • Activate: While holding your poppet concentrate on the intent of the spell as well as the person the doll is representing. State the intent; you may also want to create a chant. Or simply chant the purpose or name of the person. If you do not know the person's name (such as in attracting a soul mate or reversing a curse) you can say "the person..."
  • Pins or Hawthorn Thorns: Pins or thorns can be used to initiate your doll. We have included 5 pins with each kit. Pin placement examples: For love = heart; For psychic work and knowledge = third eye; to block someone or revenge = head. Hawthorn Thorns are available here.
  • Meditate/Visualize: You can now sit in a comfortable space holding your poppet while thinking of the intent and imagine it exactly how you want it to materialize. You may also write this down and place it under your doll then place it on your altar or other sacred space.
  • Spell: Position your doll in a safe place such as your altar. You may have other items on your altar to aid you with your spell-work such as stones, crystals, photos of ancestors, flowers, candle(s), and anointing oils for the doll and other objects. Call upon ancestors, deities or loas to assist you. Speak to your doll of the intent and manifestation you desire of it. This can be done in as little as 10 minutes or longer if you feel called to do so. Once complete, keep your doll in a safe place where it will not be disturbed.
  • Completed Spell: When your spell has concluded, you may dispose of your poppet. (If the doll is representing someone else, you may want to keep the doll for any future reversal spells or other ending.) Before burying, burning or throwing it away: Just as you joined the energies and intent of yourself or another person to the poppet, you now will disconnect. As in activating, state your intent of separating yourself or the other person from the doll. Use smoke cleanse, candle meditation or sea salt sprinkled on the doll to deactivate as you state your intent and also give thanks to the doll and any deities, loas or ancestors you have called upon.

For more information, we recommend these two popular books:
Poppet Magick & Container Magic

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