Traditional Potjie Cauldron Sizes 2 to 14

Size: 2 Potjie
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Size 2 to 14 Traditional Style Potjie Pots

For outdoor cooking and brewing!

Made in a traditional South African style, potjie pots are an excellent cauldron for offerings, potions, incense, spell crafting and outdoor cooking. The potjie is an all-purpose pot. Simple lines adorn this pot giving it a nice style without overdoing it.

With its three legs and round bottom, this cauldron looks at home in most witchy decor. Each pot comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, an important step in keeping your cast iron healthy.

Ships directly from the makers.

Your choices include:

  • Size 2 Potjie: Capacity to hold 1.25 gallons. Weighs 20 pounds. Measures approximately 10 x 10 x 10 inches.
  • Size 3 Potjie: Capacity to hold 2 gallons. Weighs 25 pounds. Measures approximately 11.5 x 11.5 x 10.75 inches.
  • Size 4 Potjie: Capacity to hold 2.25 gallons. Weighs 29 pounds. Measures approximately 12 x 12 x 12 inches.
  • Size 6 Potjie: Capacity to hold 3.5 gallons. Weighs 45 pounds. Measures approximately 13 x 13 x 13 inches.
  • Size 8 Potjie: Capacity to hold 4.75 gallons. Weighs 48 pounds Measures approximately 15 x 15 x 14 inches.
  • Size 10 Potjie: Capacity to hold 7.25 gallons. Weighs 55 pounds. Measures approximately 16 x 16 x 15 inches.
  • Size 14 Potjie: Capacity to hold 9 gallons. Weighs 70 pounds. Measures approximately 17 x 17 x 15 inches

Features of Potjie Pots:

  • Traditional 3 Legs
  • Lid and Handle included
  • Round Bottom
  • Pre-seasoned with Flaxseed Oil

Please Note: There may be a small amount of rust on the cast iron. To remove, you can use cold water or a 1:1 water and white vinegar solution.

  • Scrub rust away with a stiff brush or non-scratching scouring pad
  • Once rust is washed off, dry the cast iron with a paper towel or cloth. Then heat on stovetop to evaporate any remaining moisture. Heat pproximately 3 - 5 minutes on low-medium heat.
  • Oil a cloth or paper towel with seasoning oil and wipe down making certain rust is no longer visible.
  • If no more rust, re-season the cast iron in the oven.

    Please Note: No Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii or International Countries.

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