Purple Sand

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1/4 Pound Purple Sand for Your
Ritual and Ceremonial Use

For use in incense burners and bowls as a base to burn your charcoal resins, resin and herb powders, small sage sticks, incense sticks and cones as well as a nice base for candles. The sand will absorb the heat and catches the ash protecting your furniture and altar cloths.

You may also scent your sand with fragrance or essential oils to create a base for sitting your candles or to display in small bowls to have a subtle scent in a room. The sand may also be uniquely displayed in bottles and used in Water Magic and more. Tuck a spell in a bottle and bury with sand for protection.

Sand is known for:

  • Calming
  • Water Magic
  • Strength
  • Changes
  • Rid Fear
  • Rid Negatives

Purple is known for:

    • Element: Spirit
    • Jupiter
    • Divination
    • Prophecy
    • Spirituality
    • Counters negatives
    • Reverses curses and jinxes
    • Use in all magick
    • Angels
    • Meditation
    • Spirits
    • Clarification
    • Grief
    • Remembrance of deceased Compassion
    • Power
    • Spiritual power
    • Inspiration
    • Astral travel
    • Balance and harmonize depression
    • Ambition
    • Healing deadly diseases
    • Improve business
    • Boost personal magickal powers
    • Psychic healing
    • Spirit healing
    • Psychic protection
    • Third eye
    • Scrying
    • Royalty
    • Material possessions
    • Material wealth
    • Control
    • Happiness
    • Past-life rituals
    • Sleep without nightmares
    • Banishment of the past "crap" that is creating chaos in your life now.

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