Quartz, Clear Crystal Tumbled

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Clear Crystal Quartz Tumbled Stone

Crystal Quartz is also known as the Witch's Mirror and Star Stone. Quartz is dual purpose - a projective and receptive stone associated with the Sun and Moon; Fire and Water.

We pack each stone and label each pack at the time of your order. The price is for per single tumbled stone. Actual stone may vary from photo.

It is important to thoroughly cleanse quartz crystal after each use.

Sizes vary approximately .5 inch to 1.25 inch.

Quartz Crystal is known for:


  • Communication Stone
  • Stone of Power
  • Master Healer
  • Amplify energy being worked
  • Prayer/Wish Stone
  • Psychic Work
  • Use for image work, use the stone as a person or object and any color, or as a substitute for another stone.
  • Healing
  • Crown Chakra
  • Meditation
  • Transmit and Transduce Thoughts
  • Transmit and Transduce Energy
  • Amplify Thoughts
  • All Purpose Healer - Great Healing Stone
  • Amplifies your natural healing energies
  • Amplify Intentions
  • Focus Energy
  • Activate Energy


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