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The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart (also known as the Sacred heart of Jesus) has deep meanings in the Catholic faith. This symbol represents Christ's actual heart and His unconditional love for all humanity.

During the slave trade in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Catholicism ended up intermingled with Santeria, Haitian Vodou and Hoodoo. As a result many of the West African religious beliefs were transplanted to Haiti, Cuba and other the Caribbean islands resulting in a set of syncretistic religions.

A beautiful addition to any altar for many different religious views and beliefs. Jesus stands with open arms to welcome and give love.

Crafted of poly-stone with a bronze finish. Meticulously hand-painted details depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

Measures approximately 3.375 x 1.125 x 1.875 inches.

This statue comes packaged in a box which is perfect for gift giving.


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