Selenite Moon Athame

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Selenite Crystal Athame to Honor the Moon
Step into the mystical allure of the night sky with this luminous White Selenite Ritual Altar Athame. Imbued with the serene essence of The Moon, this enchanting tool measures approximately 5.9 inches (15cm), adding a touch of divine radiance to your altar or sacred space.

The athame, a time-honored implement in the magical community, is wielded to guide and govern energy flow. It holds the representation of either the Element of Fire or Air, harmonizing with your unique practices. Experience the palpable shift in vibration and the potency of your magic through the use of this natural, selenite-crafted artifact.
The Essence of Selenite.

Named for the Greek "selene" signifying the Moon, and also recognized as Moon Glow, Moon Stone and Moon Rock, Selenite is a crystallized variant of gypsum. Much like the celestial orb it's named for, each piece sparkles with a pearly moon-like sheen, offering an aura of calm femininity and nocturnal mystery.

Selenite's Celebrated Attributes:
  • Shields from negativity, clears energy blocks, and purifies aura.
  • Activates Crown Chakra, explores past/future lives, and improves decision-making.
  • Enhances spiritual growth, connects with guardians, and supports shamanic journeys.
  • Amplifies light, protects spaces, harmonizes relationships, and deepens meditation.
  • Promotes tranquility, dream recall, and resets Clear Quartz crystals.
  • Ideal for peaceful home/workplace settings.
Given its soft nature, each Selenite athame is unique with characteristic irregularities. Handle with care to preserve its beauty. Elevate your spiritual practices with the ethereal White Selenite Ritual Altar Athame.

Please Note: Due to the soft nature of selenite, the tips may not be perfect. The knives are truly unique and eye-catching. 

This is a natural stone and will have some imperfections. There may be scratches, fissures, pitting or chipping. Each is hand-carved - please expect some imperfection. Each is unique and will vary slightly from photos.

Selenite is a soft, fibrous stone which you will find you can easily scratch with just a fingernail. Handle with care to keep from chipping and breaking.

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