Petite Moon Athame

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Selenite Crystal Athame to Celebrate the Moon

Discover the enchanting glow of White Selenite with our Ritual Altar Athame, a beacon of moonlight for your sacred spaces. Each athame measures approximately 3.94 inches (10cm), this ritual blade captures the tranquil essence of The Moon, elevating the spiritual ambiance of your altar.

The athame has long been revered in magical traditions as a tool to direct and control energy, commonly associated with the elements of Fire or Air. Crafted from natural selenite, this athame invites a pronounced shift in vibrations, amplifying the potency of your rites and spells.

The Essence of Selenite

Named after the Greek word for moon—'selene'—selenite is a crystalline form of gypsum known for its lunar sheen. Each piece shimmers with a soft, pearly luster that radiates peaceful femininity and the allure of the night.

Selenite's Celebrated Attributes

  • Provides a shield against negativity, dissipates energy blocks, and cleanses the aura.
  • Stimulates the Crown Chakra, aids in accessing past and future lives, and enhances decision-making capabilities.
  • Fosters spiritual development, facilitates guardian connection, and supports shamanic work.
  • Increases luminosity, safeguards environments, nurtures relationships, and deepens meditative states.
  • Instills serenity, aids in dream recall, and rejuvenates Clear Quartz crystals.
  • Ideal for cultivating harmony in homes and workplaces.

Each Selenite athame is one-of-a-kind, bearing unique natural features. We advise handling these delicate pieces gently to maintain their splendor. Enhance your esoteric practices with the otherworldly charm of White Selenite Ritual Altar Athame.

Please Note

Selenite, with its delicate composition, may exhibit natural imperfections such as scratches, fissures, pits, or chips. Due to the soft nature of selenite, the tips may not be perfect. Each blade has its own eye-catching charm.

Natural stone inherently varies, which means each athame comes with its own set of natural idiosyncrasies. We ask for your understanding of the inherent imperfections that arise from its hand-carved nature. Each piece, while similar, will differ slightly from the images showcased.

Selenite's fibrous structure makes it quite malleable, susceptible to scratches from everyday encounters, even a fingernail. Treat your Selenite Athame with extra care to prevent chipping or breaking, preserving its ethereal beauty for years to come.

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Way better than expected perfect in every way nice and smooth one of my favorites

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