Selenite & Goddess Chime Holder

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1.5 inch Selenite Cube with Goddess Charm

Elevate your sanctuary with the enchanting 1.5 inch Selenite Cube, adorned with a divine Goddess Charm. Create a serene ambiance with this mini spell candle holder, perfectly crafted to amplify your metaphysical pursuits.

Glistening with ethereal beauty, our Selenite Cube emanates the pure essence of lunar magic. Esteemed for its ability to foster good fortune and protection, Selenite's crystalline elegance makes it a precious addition to any space – your home, workplace, or altar. Revered for its tranquility-inducing properties, it is adept at neutralizing negative energies and enhancing the effect of other gemstones.

Harness the virtues of Selenite, which include:

  • Banishing negativity and reinforcing positive energy
  • Clearing obstructions in your energetic field
  • Purification rituals for your aura and other crystals
  • Activating the crown chakra for heightened spiritual connection
  • Assisting in understanding past and future lives
  • Enhancing intuition and fostering clear decision-making
  • Intensifying spiritual practice and psychic expansion
  • Strengthening communication with angelic realms
  • Supporting shamanic journeys and spiritual exploration
  • Infusing your space with protective and calming light
  • Deepening relationship bonds through peace and understanding
  • Enriching meditation practices and dream recall
  • Improving the vibrancy of Clear Quartz crystals

Strategically place this luminous Selenite Cube in the corners of your domain to cultivate an atmosphere of harmony and safety. Welcome this radiant gem into your life and witness a transformation that transcends the ordinary.

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Exactly what I needed, it’s perfect.

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