Selenite & Tree of Life Chime Holder

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1.5 inch Selenite Cube with Tree of Life Charm

Transform your space into a tranquil retreat with the mesmerizing Selenite Cube Candle Holder, complete with an elegant Tree of Life charm. This splendid 1.5-inch holder is not just a marvel for the eyes but a functional piece designed to enhance your spiritual practice.

Our Selenite Cube is a celebration of lunar influence, exuding a heavenly glow that is both calming and aesthetically pleasing. Revered for its purifying qualities, Selenite is a must-have for anyone looking to invite good vibes and protection into their environment. Whether placed in your home, office, or on a sacred altar, its crystalline allure is undeniable.

Immerse yourself in the profound benefits of Selenite, including:

  • Expelling negative energy and amplifying positivity
  • Dissolving energy blockages
  • Conducting aura cleansing and charging other gemstones
  • Awakening the crown chakra for a deeper spiritual connection
  • Aiding in past and future life comprehension
  • Sharpening intuition and enhancing decision-making clarity
  • Boosting spiritual and psychic development
  • Facilitating communication with heavenly beings
  • Promoting shamanic exploration and otherworldly travels
  • Emitting a protective and soothing radiance
  • Cementing peaceful and loving relationships
  • Augmenting meditation and the clarity of dreams
  • Potentiating the energy of Clear Quartz

Position this exquisite Selenite Cube in strategic areas for a sanctuary infused with peace and protection. Introduce this glowing stone to your collection and elevate your experience to extraordinary realms..

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Tonya Washington
Very nice chime candle holder!

These chime candle holders work great with chime candles, they fit perfectly plus I love the tree of life. If your thinking about purchasing these dont think just purchase you will be satisfied!

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