Slither Away Bitch Pheromone Oil

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    Wave goodbye to nuisances with Slither Away Bitch!

    Ready for uninterrupted peace and quiet? It's time for that bitch to take a hint, turn around and slither away to the dark, venomous hole where they belong!

    Transform your personal ambiance and safeguard your peace with Slither Away Bitch Pheromone Oil. Expertly crafted to help you assert your space, this powerful potion is more than a mere fragrance — it’s the sentinel of your serenity.

    Whether it's that overbearing coworker, a relentless ex, or any negative presence, our pheromone oil is designed to encourage unwelcome individuals to glide out of your life as smoothly as they entered.


    Slither away, Bitch! And stay away!
    Turn Around and take your nasty venomous self
    Far Far Away - Slither Far to your hole!
    Slosh in the nasty you dished out as you slither away.
    You've had your last stir - No more messing with me!
    Away, away, slither you may,
    Turn around, bitch, it's time to pay.
    Under the rocks and far out of sight,
    Run along now, into the night.
    Mess no more, with your wretched play,
    Slither away, bitch, slither away.

    Key Features

    • Intentional Blend: Each bottle of Slither Away Bitch Pheromone Oil is concocted with the specific intention of creating barriers against negativity, inviting more positivity into your circle.
    • Essential Oils Synergy: This oil features a potent mix of Benzoin, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Orange Flowers, Patchouli, Black Pepper, and Frankincense, known for their grounding and protective properties.
    • Natural Pheromones: Infused with natural pheromones that work subconsciously on those around you, influencing social behaviors and relationships.
    • Versatile Use: Whether dabbed on the skin or used to anoint objects, Slither Away Bitch Pheromone Oil is versatile in its application for daily life rituals.
    • Premium Quality: Made with high-quality ingredients, it ensures a long-lasting scent that subtly lingers throughout your day, offering continuous protection.
    • Handcrafted Concoction: Each bottle is meticulously prepared, ensuring a personal touch resonates with your intentions.

    Adorn yourself with Slither Away Bitch Pheromone Oil, and command the respect your personal space deserves. Revel in the enchanting aroma and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in control of your environment, repelling the unwanted and attracting peace and positivity.

    Experience the profound effect of Slither Away Bitch Pheromone Oil today. Unveil your shield against the unwanted.

    Please Note: For external use only.
    We do not accept returns on our oils, pheromones or perfumes due to health and safety reasons.
    Please read more on Oils, Perfumes, Pheromone & Body Chemistry.

    The natural ingredients may settle to the bottom of the bottle. If this occurs, simply swirl, lightly shake or roll in palms to mix the herbs, resins, essential oils and natural coloring before using. We prefer the 'rolling in palm' method as we are adding our warmth and energy to the oils.

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