Talcum Pieces - 1 oz.

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1 ounce of Talcum pieces in a resealable bag.

Talcum - all natural pieces. The powder of talcum is used in Voodoo and Hoodoo as a base for sachets and other powder based spells and charms and is known to help energy flow. This is pure, 100% natural pieces which you can work with in your spell-crafting. Colors range from white to gray to green. May feel greasy/oily to the touch.

Talc from which talcum derives is formed through hydration and carbonation of serpentine.

Talcum is associated with:

  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Chakra Heart/Upper Heart (Affects all Chakras from Third Eye down to Sacral)
  • Enhances clarity and Purity of Thought.
  • Good Fortune
  • Stimulates Energy Flow
  • Aligns and Connects the Chakras
  • Inner Peace
  • Calmness
  • Deepens Meditative States.

All herbs and spices are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only. Ounces of whole pieces, leaves, or berries may contain broken or torn pieces.

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13 Moons is awesome!

This isn't for the talc specifically as I haven't used it yet, but my whole order experience was great. I live in a fairly rural and religious area and magical ingredients are hard to find. I needed some protection magic asap and they got me what I needed at a very reasonable price. Thank you so much. Blessed be!

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