The Faery Star - Seven Point Star Pendant

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Faery Star Pendant
Design By Kano Diebitsch

The Septagram, Faery Star or the 7 pointed Faery Star is used in Faery and Celtic Traditions.

The 7 Magical Points of "Elven" or "Faery" are:

  • The Sun: The Primary Force of Life and Creation on Earth. Without it, Elven and Human life would not exist.
  • The Wood: Most Elves, as well as people, feel a deep connection to the forests. Trees are considered kin, cousins and brothers. Elves see deep secrets hidden in trees, and understand the power and nature of trees and woods.
  • The Sea: Water Elemental Powers are very strong. Some may be reluctant to know the sea or feel it, but the ocean is one of the great natural forces.
  • The Magick: Living Magick is integral to the lives of all Elves and people, whether it be the simple Magick of a snowflake, or the Magick of rhymes, runes, visions, and such.
  • The Moon: Our Earth is dependent on the Magick of the moon. It brings light to the dark night skies; it affects the weather and tides and weather patterns. The moon has profound magickal and physiological effects on our bodies.
  • The Wind: Elves have a strong connection to the wind and air elementals. Wind helps germinate our plant life. Wind also has the magickal ability to carry subtle messages across all realms.
  • Connection: Ultimately, Elves must remember the idea of Connection--of our connection to others, the world, the land, reality, to Magick, the universe, and ourselves.

Hand-crafted of High Quality, Lead Free Pewter in the U.S. Each double sided pendant includes an adjustable black cord and measures approximately 1 inch.


  • Creation on Earth
  • Connection to Nature
  • Spiritual
  • Universal Energy
  • Double Sided Pendant
  • Made of Lead Free Hallmark Brand Pewter
  • Made in USA by American Artisans
  • Includes Free Adjustable Cord

Please Note: Each talisman is handcrafted and there may be slight flaws. 
Talismans are not consecrated; this is for the owner of the talisman to perform.

Customer Reviews

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Willow Flood

Excellent products, and I absolutely love the Faery Star Pendant that I ordered. The silver bell is also beautiful and has such a clear sound. Will definitely purchase from again.

Nice Pendant

I am pleased with this well made pendant! It is has a good weight and the design is nicely detailed. I really like the adjustable cord!
So happy with everything from this shop!

Etsy Customer
perfect. 10/10.

perfect. 10/10. i wear this necklace every day! :D it's super pretty.

Jeremiah Hatcher
Love my fairy star.

Came quickly like design and uniqueness of product.

Etsy Customer
Looks as expected which is wonderful.

Looks as expected which is wonderful. Thank you for the product and I wear it daily!

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