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Talisman for Poets & Writers

The Talisman for Poets and Writers was inspired by the importance poets were given in Celtic history: Held in high esteem, poets ranked only under kings in importance. In true bardic fashion, poets were the keepers of Celtic history and culture. Traveling from city to city, the poet was the most sought after entertainment; the purveyor of all the news and the most eloquent composer and reciter of epic and heroic poems.

Our Talisman is updated from a design found in an ancient grimoire of Magical Symbols. The design consists of powerful "Sigils" of various Angels and Alchemical Symbols around a rendering of a six-pointed star done in the Celtic style. These symbols are said to create a powerful Magic to help one find the right word at the most opportune moment.

On the backside of this talisman is the "Seal of Eloquence" or the "Seal of Mercury". It contains the names of powerful angels, magical words, and Latin phrases, all of which help greatly increase the power of the Talisman.

Concentrating on the endless knot work of the six-pointed star will intensify "natural inspiration" and assist in all of your writing endeavors.... poems, plays, and books, even your personal journal!

Anyone wishing to embark on a career in radio, television, stage or screen will find the "Talisman for Poets and Writers" a powerful, inspirational Tool.

Measures 1 1/4 inches diameter; Handcrafted in the U.S. by skilled artisans. Made of Excelsior Pewter (lead-free); double-sided and includes an adjustable cord, accent bead and booklet.

Please Note: Each talisman is handcrafted and there may be slight flaws. 
Talismans are not consecrated; this is for the owner of the talisman to perform.

Customer Reviews

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Viomesnil Lyscincka

Milles excuses! Ma commande est revenue en pre-transit. Qu'est ce qui se passe? Renvoyez moi ma commande s'il vous plaît! Qu'elle passe par les Caraïbes s'il le faut.

Lacy Finnigan

Fantastic talisman! I have been looking for something to focus my creative energy with when writing because I cannot keep up with it on a regular schedule. When I put on the talisman, I feel like it’s go time, and when I get stuck, taking a moment to reflect on the sigils frees up what could have been a writer’s block.

Etsy Customer
Beautiful and fast shipping!!! Nice.

Beautiful and fast shipping!!! Nice.

Etsy Customer
I ordered 2 and the look amazing.

I ordered 2 and the look amazing. My friend loves hers.

Shannon Warren

Talisman is lovely and got here quickly. Thanks!

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